Providing end to end security,

trainingrisk management

to global clients operating

in complex & hostile environments

Security solutions, worldwide.

Who We Are

Rubicon Global Solution (RGS) is a provider of end to end Security and Risk Management to Global clients operating in complex and hostile environments.


We are borne from providing expertise and forging strong relationships. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide end to end security solutions utilizing our experience in providing the highest possible professional standards.


We have project experience spanning over 7 decades in over 42 countries.


Our Mission Statement

To provide first class end to end security solutions centered around our core services whilst fostering collaborative relationships with our Clients.  This enables us to implement the best possible outcome demonstrating responsiveness, judgment and competence building on our high quality professional standards.

Our Promise


With over 7 decades of experience in over 42 countries working in numerous Military and Police operations. Our instructors are ex UKSF and Metropolitan Police and deliver the most up to date Tier 1 training available.


Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. We measure ourselves and our standard of performance using our strict guidelines. We excel in everything we are asked giving our full undivided resources to any given client.


Reliability in statistics and psychometrics is the overall consistency of a measure. We measure up to the highest degree of reliability. Our no-nonsense methodical approach to any given task warrants our utmost reliability.