Our senior consultants hold MSc in Security & Risk Crises Management and are chartered security professionals


Our consultants’ are experts and experienced professionals in a variety of fields’ and have a wide knowledge of the subject matter. RGS International have 2 types of Consultants:


Internal consultant – These are our consultants who operate within our organisation but are available to be consulted on areas of their specialisation by other departments.


External consultant – Our Consultants’ who are employed externally to the client (either by a consulting firm or some other agency, whose expertise is provided on a temporary basis. Our consultants’ engage with multiple and changing clients, which are typically companies, non-profit organizations, or governments agencies.


We have provided consultants for:


  • German embassy Libya.
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office Islamabad and London.
  • All agencies involved with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG)

spec ops

“Strive for perfection in everything. Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough”

Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls Royce

spec ops

“It’s all to do with the training. You can do a lot if you are properly trained”

Queen Elizabeth II


RGS International prides itself on its training expertise and capabilities. We absolutely thrive on preparing our students to meet the needs of their employers and to reach their full potential.


Our Training Team can deploy, train and support National, Government, Ministries and Public Bodied entities in a huge variety of Security and H & S Courses.


Our Chief Instructor spent 15 years with UKSF and we have the capability to deliver current Tier 1 Security Training. Our Training Team are all ex UKSF with experience in teaching Tier 1 and current high level security course both Globally and in the UK.


We do not just train and walk away. That is not in our DNA. We offer a comprehensive support package to suit all needs and requirements.

UAV training

Armed Response

Abseiling from helicopters

Hostage negotiation

Fast roping from helicopters

Sniping from helicopters

Advanced Helicopter training (Special Forces/Search and Rescue/Air to Ground Gunnery).

Basic helicopter training.

Counter Terrorism (CT)


Intelligence Analysis

Espionage awareness

Counter Intelligence Techniques

Law Enforcement

Conduct after capture

Counter Insurgency (COIN)

English Language training

VIP Close Protection

Command and Control

Survival (Desert/Arctic/Jungle/Temperate)

Special Forces training from selection through to operational training

Counter Narcotic (CN)